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Stock Spy is unlike any other stock chart because it helps explain what you're seeing
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4 November 2010

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Stock Spy is software that helps the user analyze the ups and downs of the stock market in an easy manner. It charts out the changes in stock prices with important company events which enable the investor to quickly and accurately understand the relationship between the two and see the effect of one on the other.

This is the first software that integrates certain price keywords into the price chart. On the first chart, i.e. the price chart, the user will see a list of these keywords and the graph is color-coded to help the investor distinguish between the keywords. Just below this graph, you will find NewsChart. This graph shows the relation between stock news and the stock price activity. And, the third graph shows the changes in volume. A yellow cursor line across the three charts displays you the stock position on that particular date.

Perhaps, the most striking feature of this software is its ability to integrate the latest stock market news into its charts. This is done by knowing what’s going to happen beforehand through various RSS feeds. Some of the feeds come preprogrammed into the software but it also allows for the user to edit them. Addition or deletion of these news channels can be done by clicking on the Manage Feeds button at the bottom right of the screen. Right next to this option is the New Alerts button. Clicking on this button allows the user to view both old and new news related to the stock.

The user can also define filters for various news items and access to these links is provided in a column on the right side of the screen. All in all, if as an investor you want to have an upper hand on your competitors and want to make the most informed decisions on stocks, you cannot get a better cause-effect analysis than the one this software provides.

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Have you ever seen a stock chart and wondered what made the stock shoot up like a rocket or drop like a rock?
Stock Spy is unlike any other stock chart because it helps explain what you're seeing. It clearly displays the news and company events which cause the price movements - directly on the chart. Stock Spy shows you relationship the between stock news and stock price.
Stock Spy's unique NewsChart system simplifies stock research. NewsVolume charts allow important company events to literally, "pop up". You see at a glance how news buzz of a stock has changed over time. You can select a time range with your mouse directly on the chart and narrow your focus to the selected news. Stock news headlines are automatically displayed for your selection and the full story is always one click away.
Stock Spy includes smart: filtering, highlighting and categorization of news.
Stock Spy's FinanceTerms system works with NewsCharts to highlight import types of stock news events. FinanceTerms analyse the stock news for key terms (For example: "Upgrade", "Analyst", "SEC Filings" etc.). FinanceTerms let you mark each occurrence of these categorized news items directly on the chart so you can pinpoint when certain types of events happened and what impact they made on the stock.
Stock Spy keeps you updated with the latest news related to your stocks with Stock Spy NewsAlerts on your desktop. You are notified about important news which can make you quick profits or save you from devastating losses.
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